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Luxury Bath- Mobility Remodelers, Inc. is Top Rated in Chicago
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Luxury Bath has many years of experience helping the residents of our community improve their homes. During this time, we have learned a thing or two about the process that is involved in finding the right solution for each of our customers. In our blog, we post information and tips to help you educate yourself on our products and services. Please contact us if you have questions!

Should You Get Bathtub Refinishing or a Bathtub Liner?

Posted on October 13, 2015.

If you’re looking to upgrade the current look of your bathtub, you may be trying to decide between bathtub refinishing and bathtub liners. Both options have pluses and minuses, so it’s a good idea to have as much information possible before making your decision. If you live in or around the Chicago area, you may want to consider bathtub liners in Lyons.

Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub refinishing, also called “reglazing,” consists of putting a new coating on your existing bathtub. When done by a professional, the worker first sands off the old coating, so that the new coating won’t look bumpy. He or she then sprays on the new coating just like paint. Refinishing can rejuvenate the look of your bathtub if it has become stained or worn down. You won’t want to use this method, however, if there is any structural damage to your bathtub. Refinishing can be done in several different colors, so you can choose just the right complement for your bathroom. On the negative side, the process can take up to three days to complete, and you’ll want to avoid using any abrasive materials when cleaning the tub.

Bathtub Liners

Those looking to improve the look of their tub may conversely want to choose bathtub liners in Lyons. Liners are acrylic inserts that are molded to perfectly fit over your existing tub. Liners can’t be used for already acrylic tubs; instead, they can only be used for iron or steel tubs. Those who choose a bathtub liner can also purchase an accompanying wall system that extends up the wall over the tub. You can choose from different styles in order to find the one that best suits your bathroom. After the molding has been made, bathtub liners only take one day to install, and you can use abrasive materials on them without damaging the surface. The liners must be installed very professionally, however, in order to prevent any gaps between the bathtub and the liner, which can result in mold or mildew.

Choosing between bathtub refinishing and a bathtub liner can be tricky if you don’t know what each process entails. Those looking for bathtub liners in Lyons are sure to find the perfect installer.

Necessities for Making Your Bathroom a Safer Place

Posted on October 10, 2015.

You might not think of your bathroom as a dangerous place. However, there are many dangers lurking there. Doing bathroom renovations in Tinley Park means updating the bathrooms, adding new features and making them safer for you and your family. It doesn’t matter what your age is, the bathroom can be a dangerous room.

The Dangers

The dangers in a bathroom include:

Water: Water winds up on the bathroom floor, not matter what you do. This makes for an extremely slippery surface on the floor and in the tub or shower.

Glass Doors: The sliding glass doors on a shower are dangerous because people tend to use them as aids to get in and out of the shower. That is not their intended purpose, and doing so can cause them to shatter.

Shower Curtains: Some say that vinyl shower curtains release chemicals. They are also a great place for mold to grow.

Moisture: The moisture in the bathroom can seep into the walls and surrounding fixtures. This can cause mold, mildew and structural damage to the bathroom.

These are just a few ways that the bathroom is a dangerous place.

The Fix

Thankfully you do not have to simply avoid the bathroom. Instead, you can make some of these fixes during your bathroom renovations in Tinley Park:

Slip-Resistant: Add slip-resistant rugs, seats and shower or tub bases to help stop bathroom falls.

Bars: You can add safety bars outside the shower and in the shower to help aid those with less mobility in and out of the shower.

Walk-In: Adding walk-in showers or tubs takes away the ledge to step over and helps reduce the number of bathroom falls.

Tiles: Putting tiles or another mold resistant surround up can keep the mold, mildew and structural damage from affecting your bathroom.

When you do a bathroom renovation, you should call on someone who can not only make your bathroom look nicer, but also make your bathroom safer.

The Professionals

Talk to a professional today to find out how they can help with your bathroom renovations in Tinley Park. You don’t have to live in fear of the bathroom. You can have a great looking and safe bathroom sooner than you think. All you have to do is talk to the professionals.

What to Look for in a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Chicago

Posted on Septermber 30, 2015.

If you’re looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor in Chicago, you may be unsure where to start. As a big city, Chicago has a wealth of available contractors. To figure out which one is best for you, try looking for one that specializes in bathrooms as opposed to general remodeling, has high ratings and accreditations, and has been in the industry for over a decade.

Specializing in Bathrooms

Bathrooms require unique remodeling expertise. A contractor who works on entire houses may not know the best way to remodel a bathroom. If you choose someone who isn’t completely sure about what he’s doing, you could end up spending more than you planned. You could also find yourself wrestling with complications, and the installation may take a few days to complete. To find a good bathroom remodeling contractor in Chicago, you may want to choose someone who does bathrooms exclusively.

Rating and Accreditations

Ratings and accreditations are very important when researching bathroom contractors. A contractor with an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau has an excellent track record with satisfying customers. Other ratings include Home Advisor and customer testimonials. When clients like the work a contractor does for them, they are more than happy to share their positive experience. Knowing that others have been satisfied with the contractor’s work can help you feel more confident that he will do an excellent job on your bathroom as well.

Years of Experience

Lastly, you’ll want to look for a bathroom remodeling contractor in Chicago who has years of experience, preferably over 10. Some contractors even have over 40 years of experience. The longer a contractor has been in business, the more his bathroom remodels become second nature. Keeping customers happy for this long can be challenging, so anyone who succeeds at the challenge is most likely a top-rated contractor.

No matter what type of bathroom remodel you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to be picky when you choose a bathroom remodeling contractor in Chicago. After all, you love your home, so why trust to anyone who isn’t the best?

Making Your Bathroom Stylish With a Tub to Shower Conversion

Posted on Septermber 18, 2015.

Do you envision transforming one of your bathrooms to give your home a more modern, stylish feel? Converting an old-fashioned, unattractive bathtub into a beautiful shower can be just the trick. Newer construction projects almost all equip bathrooms with showers rather than bathtubs, and making this change can help bring an older house up to speed. A tub to shower conversion in Chicago is a great way to enhance your bathroom.

Benefits of Converting a Tub to a Shower

Removing a bathtub and installing a walk-in shower can completely overhaul a drab or just older bathroom. If you are only updating your bathtub and keeping the rest of the bathroom the same, a contractor can help you match the existing style so as to have a cohesive space. Furthermore, bathtubs take up a lot of space in a bathroom. If you change a tub into a shower, you will be astonished how much more room you have in your bathroom, both inside and outside the shower. Also, new shower installations offer the opportunity to choose from many more exciting features. You can install no-slip tile to enhance safety, select unique fixtures and handles to add a personal touch, and add benches for a spa-like feel. Not to mention, making this change will increase your home’s resale value. Whatever your budget and style, a tub to shower conversion in Chicago can really revamp your bathroom.

Creating a Beautiful Bathroom

Converting a bathtub is not an easy job, and even experienced fixer-uppers will probably want to contact a contractor. Once you get a professional consultation for your project, you can assess your bathroom and the possibilities for a tub conversion. A contractor will give you many options from which you can choose.

Simply removing an old bathtub and installing a new walk-in shower can make your bathroom a more welcoming, safer, and attractive space. A tub to shower conversion in Chicago could be your one-step solution to a complete bathroom overhaul.

Give Your Tub a Facelift With a Bathtub Liner

Posted on August 31, 2015.

When it comes to bathroom solutions, very few issues are ever purely cosmetic. Anything in your bathroom that is not functioning properly has the potential of causing leaks and other potentially very costly problems. Your bathtub is one such item that needs to be in great shape at all times to avoid more serious troubles down the line. With this in mind, when looking for bathtub liners in Lyons, choose only the best installer.

If your bathtub’s surface is damaged but its structure is still intact, bathtub liners can save you from having to replace the whole tub. Resurfacing or repainting are not good solutions here, since they are not durable and serve to cover up rather than fix issues such as scratches, chips or rust. Liners, on the other hand, are basically a tub insert, typically made of acrylic, that looks good and lasts for year, while costing much less than a new tub.

When purchasing a tub liner, look for a company that will measure your tub for an exact fit. Do not settle for ready-made sizes or one-size-fits-all – those will leave you with awkward gaps and eventually lead to cracking. Ask your installer about their method for affixing the liner to the tub; a reputable contractor will use materials that bond effectively and are waterproof. Poor-quality bonding materials will result in gaps where water can pool, resulting in decreased bonding as well as deterioration of your tub’s structure. For maximum effectiveness, also choose a thicker liner, which will last longer and protect your tub better.

Installation is quick, typically taking just one day of work, and you will be able to use your upgraded tub the very next day. If you want to save both time and money on your bathroom remodel, bathtub liners can be your ideal solution.

When selecting bathtub liners in Lyons, turn to an experienced and trustworthy contractor who can help you select the best liner for your bath and offers top-of-the-line materials. This is the best way to keep your bathtub looking great for years to come.

Update an Old Home With a Chicago Bathroom Remodel

Posted on August 18, 2015.

The bathroom in your home can leave an important impression on your guests and its condition can greatly impact your overall décor. An outdated or aging tub, peeling siding, or cracking tile can leave your bathroom feeling dirty and dated no matter how deeply you have cleaned it. You may even feel a little embarrassed to invite guests over. If you are sick of your bathroom and looking for a Chicago bathroom remodel, there are a couple small updates you can have done to create a major impact.

Selecting a Contractor

While many contractors may insist that you need to entirely gut your bathroom and start from scratch, this is not your only solution. A complete gutting of tile and floors can begin to substantially add up in costs, as you contractor takes his time. Instead, you want to find a professional that is interested in helping you take small affordable steps that are appropriate for your bathroom. There are a couple of things that your contractor can do to easily overall the space.

Renovating the Bathtub & Shower

The bathtub or shower is the central most important feature in your bathroom, and many old tubs can be hard to maintain no matter how hard you scrub. Your shower or tub can be easily adapted, updated or replaced without throwing out every feature in the room. Acrylic liners can be a perfect solution because they can be easily placed over the existing structure while giving your tub a refreshed appearance. If you are looking for a bigger overall then you can complete a total replacement, using newer and stronger materials. An expert can easily design the perfection option for your specific space.

Install Wall Systems

Many contractors offer durable and beautiful wall options that can be easily installed throughout your bathroom. You can use the wall system in a portion or all of the room. The options include various materials that mimic the appearance of stone or elegant tile. They are easy to clean and can quickly refresh an old bathroom. With the right professional, youcan create the perfect impressive design.

3 Reasons it Might Be a Good Idea to Install Walk-in Tubs in Lyons Residences

Posted on July 31, 2015.

The majority of America’s baby boomers are now senior citizens, and an impressive percentage of them are leading active lives well into their advanced years. However, their increased vibrancy has not done away with the special needs that tend to arise with aging. Many of these seniors want to retain as much independence as they can, but their physical limitations sometimes cause many challenges for their families, themselves, and the city in which they live. One way to help meet some of the challenges is to install walk-in tubs in Lyons residences.

1. Area Seniors Can Now Feel Safer At Home

A senior has right to feel safe in his or her own home, but he or she can be at a high risk of having a slip and fall accident in the bathroom. In order to take a bath in a traditional tub, the person has to maintain proper balance while stepping over the side, which is not always easy to do. Installing walk-in tubs in Lyons residences may reduce the number of slip and fall emergenciesthat happen in the city. These tubs are built with maximum safety in mind.

2. These Tubs Help Seniors Retain More Privacy

Taking a bath is a personal matter, but many seniors find that assistance is needed for getting in and out the tub. It is noteworthy when family members care enough to help, but such help can put the senior in an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. Walk-in tubs may serve to protect privacy for those who would otherwise need help, as it can enable them to get in and out on their own.

3. The Bathroom Upgrade Can Look Great

Many of the walk-in bathtubs available today are designed to be stylish. Getting one of these tubs can help seniors finally get the bathroom of they have always dreamed of. There are various models to choose from.

Install more walk-in tubs in Lyons homes, and it might reduce the number of emergencies. These tubs can help seniors live life with more dignity and provide them a bathroom they can enjoy.

Bathtub to Shower Conversions

Posted on July 18, 2015.

Homeowners in Illinois are setting a trend with remodeling. One example is a tub to shower conversion Chicago contractors are being hired to do. Some Chicago residents are having a renovation done because they or a family member have limited mobility. Other Chicagoites are changing their bathrooms simply to have something different. Like most room facelifts, converting a bathtub to a shower creates a new usable space that adds value to the home.

As people in Chicago begin to age, many experience a limitation with their mobility. This causes challenges in many life activities such as bathing. Getting in and out of a bathtub becomes a difficult process that is sometimes dangerous. Removing the barrier the sides of a tub cause is done by replacing the closed tub with an open shower. These showers are many times completed with a small bench to sit on so limited-mobility users can walk in and have a secure place to rest as they wash. This type of tub to shower conversion Chicago contractors do allows senior citizens, people with disabilities and residents with injuries to experience an activity of daily living that would otherwise be frightening.

Many homeowners are having tub to shower transformations done to just change their washrooms. The base for a bathtub is quite large and takes up a good portion of a bathroom’s floor space. When this area is used as an extension of the existing floor, a feel of openness is achieved. Many times tile is selected that matches the remaining floor so that the open effect is even more dramatic. Finishing the shower with a glass wall and door is the final touch for a tub to shower conversion Chicago residents admire.

If you have a restroom that needs a change, a tub to shower conversion is one way to get it. Hiring a company to remove the old bathtub and install the new shower makes the project an easy one. Your contractor can help choose tile, wood, paint, glass and hardware to complete the work.

Take Away a Tub, Add a Shower

Posted on June 29, 2015.

A nice bubble bath can be a relaxing experience, but with the hustle and bustle of modern life, a shower is quicker and more efficient. You may not always have time to take a bath, so having the option to take a speedy rinse might be the best way to go as you remodel your bathroom. Before you start tub to shower conversions in your home, here are a few things to consider.

DIY Versus the Professional

Is this a DIY job? Unless you have a wealth of bathroom remodeling experience, this is a job best left to a professional. Depending on what you want, you may need to reroute plumbing, lay tile or install a floor heating system. The process can get complicated so, if you’ve never done tub to shower conversions, hire a seasoned contractor.

Rip Out the Tub

There are two main options for tub to shower renovations. The first is to rip out the tub entirely and replace it with a shower unit. For this, you or your contractor will have to lay tile or appropriate flooring where the tub once stood. You will need to make sure there is enough room for your door of choice to open or you can use a partial glass panel.


If you still want to be able to use you tub, retrofitting is the way to go. This option will still allow you to make use of your tub while also giving you the choice to take a quick shower instead. Typically, this method is less invasive though you will need to add plumbing for the showerhead. Additionally, all plumbing must remain up to code.

Tub to shower conversions are not overly complicated, but they often require the help of a professional to complete. You can keep the tub or do away with it entirely depending on your wants and needs. Regardless of the design you choose, have fun upgrading and customizing your space.

Remember These Three Details in Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted on June 11, 2015.

Bathroom remodeling can be a great way to update your home and improve the function and appearance of your space. When you begin your plan, you will likely have a vision of how you want the room to turn out. Here are a few things you should take into consideration before finalizing the process.

Don’t Forget Storage

As you are planning your new bathroom, don’t forget to pay attention to your storage needs. When choosing a vanity, decide how much storage you will need to make sure you have enough drawers and counter space to accommodate your belongings. If you install or remodel a shower, you can have recessed spaces built into the sides of the structure for additional storage that will not take away room in the stall area.


Keep towels in open shelf cabinets to ensure ease of access. Install cabinets with deeper drawers for storing bigger appliances and organize your cosmetics and beauty products in cabinets that have narrow drawers. Wall mounted vanities make not only cleaning the bathroom a breeze but also create the illusion of more space.

Pay Attention to Scale

When you put together your bathroom remodeling plan, don’t forget to take into account your preferences for height and placement of the features along with the scale of your space. You will want your countertops at a comfortable height, medicine cabinets and shelving within reach, and towel bars in a convenient spot. Even things as simple as the toilet paper dispenser should be placed carefully for optimal convenience and accessibility.

Install Proper Lighting

Lighting is very important in your bathroom, so do not forget to choose fixtures that will give you the light you need. When you use your mirror for grooming purposes, wall sconce lighting or a lighting fixture above the mirror will work best. Do not defer to overhead lighting; this will create problems with shadows and does not work well for shaving or cosmetic application. Make sure your light fixtures do not clash with the rest of the bathroom décor. A uniform look will provide the best results. .

Make it Happen

Once you have your bathroom remodeling ideas in place, take some time to think about the details before you begin. Making sure nothing is overlooked will save you a great deal of time and money, and leave you with a makeover that is both functional and attractive.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends for a Stunning Bathroom

Posted on May 8, 2015.

Spruce up your bathing space and give it a modern and innovative look by knowing what is in trend and what is not. Revisit your bathroom layout, replace the old fixtures and repair the outdated units to boost up your bathroom and give it a fresh new look. Here are the top bathroom design trends that can inspire you.

Paint color

Neutral shades are in this season. Softer tones add warmth and tranquility. Pure white is a classic timeless choice. It will not only make your small bathroom look more spacious but also add the feeling of freshness.


Keep towels in open shelf cabinets to ensure ease of access. Install cabinets with deeper drawers for storing bigger appliances and organize your cosmetics and beauty products in cabinets that have narrow drawers. Wall mounted vanities make not only cleaning the bathroom a breeze but also create the illusion of more space.


The bathtubs are back in trend. Freestanding bathtubs are becoming increasingly popular and homeowners love it for the sensual effect they create in the bathroom. Built-in bathtubs are also no less in demand.


Showers and showerheads are the most experimented parts of the bathroom. People are going for wet rooms with no shower screens to create the feel of an open space. Rain showerheads are extremely popular in modern homes.

Luxury Bath is a leading company of Bathroom Remodeling Chicago IL offering excellent services at competitive prices. The company specializes in installation of bathtubs and liners, wall systems, walk-in tubs, spas and whirlpools and tub to shower conversions as a part of its bathroom remodeling services in Chicago.

Everything You Need to Know about Walk-in Bathtubs

Posted on March 16, 2015.

The step-in bathtub is not always the right choice for the elderly and those with difficulty in mobility. If you have someone in your family who falls in either of both the categories, the walk-in bathtubs can be an easy and convenient solutions. Find out more about these bathtubs and some of their advantages and disadvantages.

Bathtub that is least risky

The best thing about the walk-in bathtubs is that it is easier to bath for people who face problems in moving. The bathtubs are designed in such a way that there are no chances of slipping. The hand railings, seats etc allow the users to keep their heads above the water. Moreover, it is highly useful for people who live in a retirement community.

Yes, they have disadvantages too

One of the biggest drawbacks attached to the walk-in tubs is that you can turn on the water only after you have entered the tub and closed the door. This means that you can face difficulty in getting the water temperature right while the water is getting filled in the tub and you also have to wait for the tub to get drained of water before you step out of the tub.

Wait, there’s a solution

Walk-in bathtubs, these days also come with taps that fill the tub fast, drains that move easily and temperature controls to make it easy for the consumers to bath in a walk-in tub. However, these additional features can make the cost of the product slightly higher. Before you buy a walk-in bathtub for your home take into account the installation related issues that might arise. Given the large size of the bathtub you might need to install new water heaters.

Luxury Bath & Mobility Remodelers specializes in high quality Walk-in Tub in Chicago and bathtubs in Lyons. As a leading bathroom remodeling company, Luxury Bath & Mobility Remodelers also offers wall systems, tubs to shower conversions, spas and whirlpools and other bathroom accessories.

Budget- Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Posted on March 02, 2015.

A fresh coat of paint, an updated vanity or a new sink, there are endless things you can do to give a fresh and appealing look to your bath space. But when it is about remodeling on a limited budget, things can turn out slightly daunting. However, with these smart tips you can transform your bathroom into your personal oasis without going beyond your budget.

Renovating the vanity

If you do not want to spend on a new vanity you can consider refurbishing the existing one with a new coat of paint or decorating it with unique and appealing paper cut-outs. By replacing the bathroom fixtures you can make it look more enthralling but without actually splurging much.

Installing new tiles

New tiles in your bathroom will also change the overall look of your bath space. Go for vinyl or ceramic tiles as they can not only be cleaned easily but are also known for their water resistant properties. It is recommended to buy vinyl and ceramic tiles on clearance as this will cost you pretty low as compared to buying from local suppliers.

Adding new accessories

Add a few new accessories to your bathroom to give it a renovated look. You can consider new curtains in the shower, window treatments and new paintings and portraits. Do not unnecessarily clutter the space. Get rid of those “extra” items and you will find your bathroom looks newer and better.

Luxury Bath & Mobility Remodelers is a leading bathroom remodeling company in Chicago offering the best-in-class remodeling services at competitive prices. The Chicago Bathroom Remodel company specializes in bathtubs and liners, wall systems, walk-in tubs, spas and whirlpools.

Bath-tub for Special Ones

Posted on November 05, 2014.

Bath tub in Chicago

The bathroom of our house has always been a risky place for the aged members of our family. The seniors along with other privileged people find it very difficult to move around in the bathrooms without the use of grab bars or hand grips. For this purpose, the walk-in bath tubs are designed for all the individuals having limited mobility or even for others who wish for a spa-like experience in a limited space. Walk-in tubs are the special tubs which typically have doors that can be opened and closed very easily. You can include the idea of a walk-in tub in the bathroom remodeling concept.

The specialty of walk-in tubs is that they come equipped with a door that opens and closes on the front or the side of the bathtub. Such doors give the advantage to the users to enter in the bath tub without having to lift their legs over the threshold, as with traditional bathtubs. Also, these doors have a sealing because of which the water stays inside the tub without overflowing on the floors and flooding the bathroom. There are many additional benefits of such tubs along with this mobility issue. Some of them are:

  • The material of these walk-in tubs is anti-slippery and it is designed in a way to prevent slipping.

  • The other features like handrails, seats and textured pads help users keep their heads above water.

  • The added and most obvious advantage it offers that you will have to spend less money on caregivers and also you won’t have to wrestle with a care provider for minutes to make sure you’re safely using the transfer equipment that is installed on a traditional bath.

Hence, a good walk-in bathtub can help you a lot in solving the specific needs that each person may have. That’s why finding the right walk-in tub for your needs is so significant.

A beautiful Restroom

Posted on October 17, 2014.

Bath Remodel Chicago

The concept of bathroom remodeling is an idea of changing the interiors of the bathroom in case your house is years old or even if you want a new look for your bathroom with some alterations. The bathroom remodeling idea can be a fantastic way for ensuring the fulfillment of your needs and preferences along with the reorganization of your aesthetic tastes. Your home plays a very important role in your life and thus if you are selecting anything for it, it needs a lot of consideration and proper planning. The amount of investment you wish to make will be the main criteria of thought for you.

Some of the important points you should consider for careful evaluation so that you could ensure that your project is a win in spite of being a terrible disappointment:

  • The budget of the bathroom remodeling should be decided well before you go out to execute any of such plans as only then you will be comfortable in deciding among all the alternatives available to you.

  • The basic purpose or the reason which is motivating you to opt for this option would also be taken into consideration so that the solution solves your purpose completely.

  • The changes you want in your bathroom and the level of layout modification you are planning should be discussed with the remodeling contractor. This will help him in designing the complete layout and functionality of your bathroom as per your wish.

Deciding If You Need A Bathroom Remodel

Posted on June 12, 2014.

Bath Remodel Chicago

Sometimes it can be tough justifying the money you have to pay for a bathroom remodel. Here are some things to consider when pondering the idea.

The bathroom is a sanctuary in your home. It’s the one room in your house that you can have a good excuse to retreat to multiple times a day, whether it be for 30 seconds or an hour. With all of the tile, moisture, faucets, showerheads, and various other things that our bathrooms are made out of, it tends to be the room of our home that requires the most maintenance. At times you may feel that the bathroom is no longer a pleasant place to spend your time, and the environment it provides you no longer gives you any sense of solace or comfort. It is at this point that the idea of remodeling might pop into your head, but given the investment of time and money that usually accompanies a remodel, how can you be sure that you really need one? Well here are a few tips that should help you decide whether or not you can justify the expense of a bathroom remodel.

The first thing you need to remember when remodeling any room of your house is whether or not it will provide you with a return on investment (ROI). According to the Wall Street Journal, a bathroom remodel is the best home improvement you can make when looking at ROI. This is an indicator of just how highly the quality of a bathroom rates on potential homebuyers’ minds. While you may not even be considering the sale of your house, it is always wise to take into consideration how an improvement or remodel will affect your home’s value. Given that you will recuperate your investment in remodeling your bathroom, it usually makes financial sense to do so if your bathroom is in poor shape.

Financial benefits aside, the main reason to remodel your bathroom is to make it a more enjoyable and functional place to spend time. If there are things that annoy you about your bathroom every time you use it, you are probably in a good position to have it remodeled. Typically things that would influence someone to remodel their bathroom are being dissatisfied with the lighting, tiling, layout, or bath/shower setup. Sometimes feeling that a bathroom’s layout is inadequate at making good use of space will influence one to consult with a professional on changing the layout to allow for more storage or a better atmosphere. The tiles of the floor or walls in your bathroom might be outdated or old and chipped, leaving your bathroom with a permanently grimy or dirty feeling. Some people opt for a nicer bathtub or shower setup, making the bathroom more relaxing. A new sink with more storage space, or perhaps less storage space but with a sleeker design might make your bathroom either more practical or better looking. And yes, sometimes people remodel with a better toilet in mind for enhanced comfort and aesthetic appeal.

The lighting in your bathroom also plays a much bigger role in its appearance than you might have previously suspected. If your bathroom is centered in your house and does not have any windows, you might want to optimize the lighting to give it a more natural ambiance. If you find that you have a difficult time seeing yourself in the mirror while you shave or put on makeup, you might want to consider a different lighting fixture above the bathroom mirror. Often times, remodeling the lighting of your bathroom is enough to make the atmosphere of your bathroom exponentially more pleasant. Some people even enjoy dimmer lighting for when they bathe to make the experience more relaxing and meditative.

These are just a few of the reasons that might influence your decision to remodel your bathroom. Sometimes the only reason you need, however, is that you feel that it would improve your life or the way you feel about your home. If you are just thinking about remodeling your bathroom, don’t hesitate to call us and we will see what we can do to help!

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