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Luxury Bath- Mobility Remodelers, Inc. is Top Rated in Chicago
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Our Dedication To Remodeling Bathrooms—And ONLY Bathrooms—Has Allowed Us To Pioneer The World’s Fastest, Highest Quality, Visually Stunning, And AFFORDABLE Bathroom Remodels On The Market Today.

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No-Run-Around Guarantee

At my company, if there is a problem you don’t call a receptionist, you don’t call an answering service, you call me. We are not going to hide from you, we are not going to avoid you, we are going to fix the problem.

In fact, to prove it to you, here is my cell number:

(630) 878-9368

Bottom Line: If I am going to lose money on the next 10 jobs to fix a mistake we made, then that is exactly what we are going to do. Your happiness and satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Bill Weber

It's All About Service.

So How Do I Do It?

With Over 43 Years Of Experience In The Industry, I Am Not “Guessing."

I am sorry to say, but most other contractors are just “guessing” when it comes to bathroom remodels because they are not specialists. The sheer number and variety of product choices is overwhelming for most, and they are usually too busy trying to do other projects to bother learning. So, they just “guess.” They guess whether or not the fixture will work, if the old plumbing will hold, if the sealant they want to use will work, or if the vent is installed correctly.

It is this “guessing” that results in low-ball estimates, shoddy workmanship, less than visually stunning remodels, cost over-runs, longer than promised construction times and future problems.

I only do Tubs, Baths, Liners, & Walls.

Most remodelers want you to do a full gut and remodel of the bathroom because it means more money for them. It also means more time, aggravation, costs and delays for you; not to mention a full out interruption of your life and your home. Imagine days on end of strangers going in and out of your home, making a mess, and interrupting your routine. That will not happen with us. In fact, with Luxury Bath, we can almost guarantee that we will be in and out of your home in a day or two. You leave for work and by the time you come back you have a new bathroom.

The reason is simple, after over 4 decades in the industry, I know exactly what to look for and I know what works and what does not. This is why our estimates are “real-estimates,” and not some low-ball attempt to get your business. It’s why we are always done “on-time,” and “on budget,” and why our remodels are of the highest quality and visually stunning.

Simply stated:

No One Is Going To Be More Fussy, Picky, And Downright Obstinate When It Comes To Your Bathroom Remodel Than I Am. In fact, before you, the homeowner, ever does your walkthrough I have to be satisfied that it is perfect and NO ONE is harder to please than I am.

If It Isn’t Perfect, It Isn’t Done… Period.